Good News

  I have the week off of work so I will have time to dedicate some new recipes for my sweet little corner of the internet. They will mostly be plant based but the following week I will start including work meals into the mix. Feel free to leave requests or have a favorite dish you would like a healthier version of. I love those kind of challenges. When we know better we can do better. Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! đź’—
Xx, K



  Hello old friends!! I’m not entirely sure where to start considering I abandoned this blog years ago. I should have brought it back last April when I moved to San Francisco with Ellie and started cooking for work. In my defense I was in a new city seeing new things, trying new things, feeling new things. I’m lazy and full of excuses. 
But some stuff has remained the same! I am still a health nut obsessed with dogs and cooking. I still dislike mayonnaise, jumping jacks (ah the aftershocks), and cloudy days. Some things you can always count on. Those are a few of them. 

I’m not really sure what the future of this blog holds, and I will do my best to keep adding content. I haven’t decided if I will only add recipes I personally eat (gluten free, dairy free, meatless) or if I will include some of the “normal” meals I make for the family I work for. (Such awesome people!) My plan is to let it develop organically. 

Last night I reread all my old posts and aw, the musings of a 22 year old. I laughed at all my own jokes, cringed at some of the recipes (hi kimchi tacos), but I am going to keep some of them. I started from a minimal perspective and maybe that simplicity could help the beginners here. But I assure you I have grown personally and professionally. 

Also thank you to the random Italian guy who emailed me recently about polenta. I read the email half asleep and was shocked that this website was still up. It’s funny how the universe is always sending us signs. 

Xx, K